Schedule grass seeding services in Lindale & Tyler, TX

Schedule grass seeding services in Lindale & Tyler, TX

Grow a Lush, Healthy Lawn

Hydroseeding (or hydromulching) is a grass seeding technique that uses a combination of water, fertilizer, seeds and mulch to grow lush, even lawns. This slurry mixture ensures the speedy germination of seeds, which helps grass grow quickly.

Turn to A1 HydroMulch for grass seeding services in Lindale & Tyler, TX. You can trust our hydroseeding experts to help you pick out the perfect type of grass. After that, we'll use a hydroseeder to spray the hydromulch mixture onto your lot.

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See why hydroseeding has become so popular

Hydromulching uses bits of mulch to keep seeds moisturized and help them develop rapidly. The mulch also keeps soil in place, preventing erosion.

Choose A1 HydroMulch for grass fertilizing and seeding services in the Lindale & Tyler, TX area. Hydroseeding:

  • Is cost-effective
  • Works quickly
  • Provides erosion control
  • Creates a thick, uniform lawn

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