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of Tyler, Texas

"Since 1981"

Within these pages I hope I can answer your most common questions on HydroMulching or HydroSeeding as it is called in some other parts of the country. Hopefully, you will find important Information on what to do Before We Plant, Types of Grasses we plant, Watering Instructions, Care & Maintenance of your Future Lawn, & of course Warranty Information.

Our HydroMulching is a unique process in which a Wood Fiber Mulch (not paper mulch), Fertilizer, Moisture Holding Tackifiers (Glue), Seed (your choice) and Soil Enzyme Activators are all mixed with Water and sprayed onto your soil to create a seeding mat.  This mat provides even distribution of the seed, holds moisture close to the seed for quick germination and keeps the seed in place during watering and rainfall. This process comes with a 90 day Warranty to insure the success of your new lawn.

We plant Common Bermuda,  as well as the Improved Turf Types Sultan, Princess, and Riviera Bermudas. We also plant Centipede, as favorite here in East Texas because it is an acid loving plant like our Pine Trees and Azaleas. Low maintenance, looks a lot like St Augustine, but better  because Centipede does not get the diseases that St. Augustine gets. Centipede is much hardier than St. Augustine and St Augustine comes only in Sod ....

Our minimum charge is for 3500 sqft. We will do a smaller area, but will charge for the minimum footage. This is equal to about 7 pallets of sod. Our prices are so cheap per square foot, that the real savings are large yards. The price is about half the cost of sod, not counting the price to lay the sod. We also are growing your lawn in the soil you have, instead of getting that black gumbo that comes with sod. Our yards have out performed sod over time, giving our young grass time to mature into Sod Grown in your Dirt!

If you are coming to this site from the ads I have been running or from my answering  machine, please look at the different pages to see if your questions can be answered. When you are ready to schedule an estimate, please find my phone numbers and e-mail address on the Contact Page.

I have over 24 years of experience growing lawns. I have been a leader in my Industry since 1998 when I became Founding Vice-President of the Hydro Turf Planters Assoc. (1998 to 2002). I make every effort to stay abreast of new technology and products that will contribute to the success of your application.  My goal is to give you your moneys worth, and save you money on the overall job.

I look forward to talking to you about your lawn.

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