All work will be done in a Professional manner.

My goal is to give you your moneys worth, and save you money on the overall job.

Will warrant germination and growth though 90 days (Bermuda) (Rye/Bermuda – only Rye is warranted Oct. though February and both are warranted during months of March & April.) Centipede is warranted until 1” sprigs.

Will warranty against washing from natural rain and run-off, except where gutters dump and bottom of ditch lines, also where massive washing of soil occurs on slopes: (I can stick to soil, but cannot keep soil from washing when a water shed source such as a building, parking lot, sidewalks, and other such water shed environments exist. With these types of problems I will respray only once to try our luck to get an established turf. But these are areas that will have problems every time it rains; I recommend that these areas are patched in with Sod.)

Not responsible for weeds or weed growth. Not responsible for Dirt work or dirt repairs.

If there is a problem, Please contact me before 90 days from time of plantings. After 90 days from planting, all warranties are void.

The Quality of Turf depends on YOU

And the care you give your lawn!

Good Luck and Happy Growing!


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