Erosion Control

Erosion Control Matting: Consist of a high grade erosion mat, stapled to ground (labor included) This normally goes over the top of HydroMulch (not included in price)

Bonded Fiber Matrix: Consist of a mixture very similar to HydroMulch, with lots of glues and nylon fibers. This product goes down twice as heavy as normal Hydromulch would be applied. {Wood fiber at a rate of 5,200# per acre} This is a pre-packaged product. It is equal or better than erosion mat.

Poor man’s Fiber Matrix: This is a homemade mixture I make trying to equal the pre-packaged mix at a better price. I have found in using two types of glues (and “lots” of them) that they benefit each other much greater than just by themselves. Agar glue (an age old type that hardens well until it gets wet and Co-Polymer glue that holds lots of moisture (700 times its own weight and turns water to syrup. This type of glue in smaller quantities is used in all HydroMulch mixes I make.) I also use a  raw Cotton for a long connecting fiber. Mulch is also put on twice as thick as normal HydroMulching, (5,200# per acre). Twice the cost of HydroMulching with extra glue.

Extra Glue/normal HydroMulch: This is the mixing of both types glues (Agar and Polymer) in the mix with the same amount of mulch as normal HydroMulch. {Wood fiber at a rate of 2,600# per acre} This blending of glues give extra holding power to the application. This mix does well on slopes and any area that needs extra holding power.