About Us

A-1 Hydromulch was started by the late Glenn Young in 1981. Glenn-Young.jpgHis commitment to “giving the customer his money’s worth” is a tradition we maintain to this day.
In 2015 – A-1 Hydromulch was bought by Daniel Reeves and we work to uphold the standard of customer focused service that Glenn began when he started A-1 Hydromulch still today. 

Glenn started the tradition in our company of keeping up with changing technology in the industry. We strive to use the latest technology and products that really work to ensure that your lawn grows and thrives. With the technique that we use splashing on buildings or flowerbeds is reduced to almost nothing.

We study grasses & their needs, to know their growing conditions, pH needs, fertilizing needs, watering needs. With our success and experience we are able to help you grow a lawn with almost no weeds at all.

In honoring Glenn’s memory, and his tradition of putting the customer first – we strive to give you the yard you are wanting for a fraction of the price of sod, without having to sacrifice quality.

We provide information about how to best care for your lawn and a limited 3-Month warranty to help ensure your lawn gets off to its best start.